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As an official Training Organization for Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc. and in cooperation with Crash Data Specialists LLC we are offering the most complete training course on Event Data Recorders (EDR) und Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) in Europe.

Please do also have a look at our Service at Here you can access the most comprehensive Database on the retrievability of Electronic Data from vehicles.

Our training courses are held in English or any other required language. Bilingual courses for audiences that have this requirement are also available. We offer all kinds of training beginning from a 1 day introductory course up to an all-in 5 day in depth training:

  • 1 Day introductory Course (CDR System Operators Course)
  • 2 Day CDR System Operator, Analysis and Applications
  • 3 Day Advanced Skills for the CDR System Operator
  • 4 Day Advanced Reconstruction with CDR Applications EU FOCUS
  • 5 Day Advanced Reconstruction with CDR Applications

Courses take place at our training facility in Kottenheim (Germany) where we have perfect conditions for theoretical and practical education. Of course we can also organize courses at any location or at your site on request.

Current Training Schedule

Advanced 3-Day Reconstruction Class: CDR Applications EU FOCUS // 06.-08.11.2019

The 3-day seminar offers access to the field of Event Data Recorders (EDR). The instructors have many years of experience in the field of vehicle electronics and EDR systems and work as accident analysis experts.

The seminar focuses on the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) tool from BOSCH. In addition, all other EDR readout tools relevant to the European market will be presented in detail. Including the Hyundai / KIA EDR Tool and the Tesla EDR Tool.

The seminar covers the basics of EDR systems and EDR readout tools, the extraction of data from vehicles of different manufacturers, to the correct interpretation and use of data in accident analysis reports. This also includes the import and use of data in PC Crash.

Furthermore, the seminar will deal with the innovations in the area of the CDR tool. The opening of Volkswagen vehicles (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) opens up a new dimension for the use of data from EDR systems in Europe. The data from Volkswagen vehicles are therefore treated in detail.

The event will conclude with the presentation of new components (CDR 900) and information about the future technical orientation of the CDR system.

A special section covers data available from infotainment systems and their application in accident reconstruction.

The seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to read EDR data from vehicles, interpret it correctly and use it in expert reports.

The course fee is EUR 1.500,-

You can register for this training online.

Berla 5-Day iVE Certification Course // 18.-22.11.2019

Modern infotainment systems in vehicles process and store a multitude of different data. This is not just information from the vehicle itself, but also data from devices coupled to the vehicle such as smartphones, USB sticks and memory cards are processed and stored.

An example of this readable data is the GPS positions of a vehicle, which are also secured over a longer period of time. Some vehicles store this information even without activated navigation or without that the navigation function has been unlocked in the vehicle.

Furthermore, today's infotainment systems contain information on the gear selection, the lights on, opening and closing operations of doors and flaps, as well as a variety of other events.

In most systems, this information is stored with a date / time stamp and a GPS position. In addition to the in-vehicle information, there is also data about calls made or received, directories, and device pairing time.

The reading and evaluation of this information is possible with the software and hardware package iVE from Berla.

Within the framework of this 5-day intensive seminar, the handling of the software and hardware for the reading and evaluation of infotainment control devices will be taught.

In addition to theoretical learning content, practical exercises are carried out in the software as well as in the hardware of the iVE ecosystem.

Prior knowledge in the field of electronic forensics and in the field of vehicle electronics are advantageous but not a prerequisite for participation in the seminar.

The seminar is carried out in cooperation with the manufacturer (Berla), who also provides the speakers. It is one of the currently very rare training dates for Berla's systems in Europe.

For more information please take a look at the seminar brochure or send us an email.

On-Site Training for your Organization

We can also conduct trainings that are tailored to the needs of your organization. These trainings can take place at our facility or at your site. Please ask us, we will be glad to make an offer.


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